Breaking: Mortgage Rates Dive to Near 7%

Breaking: Mortgage Rates Dive to Near 7%

Great news! Mortgage rates have been on a winning streak, dropping for the sixth consecutive week. They're currently hovering slightly above 7%, which is sparking some serious action in the refinance market.

Freddie Mac's latest report shows that the rate on the 30-year fixed mortgage has dipped to 7.03% from 7.22% the previous week.

That's a significant drop and marks the lowest rate we've seen since around mid-August. In fact, it's down by a whopping three-quarters of a point since the end of October.

This consistent decline in rates is not just a number game. It's breathing new life into the housing market, making it an opportune moment for potential homebuyers and those looking to refinance.

With rates at this level, it's the perfect time to turn those homeownership dreams into reality or save big on refinancing your existing mortgage.

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